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Who are we?


Our company was established 7 years ago when one of our developers started developing websites for friends. Because of his eagerness to succeed and a high quality work, he received even more projects to work on. This encouraged him to cooperate with other developers in order to meet the demand. And here we are today.

Our team is small and that is our advantage - we are highly agile and can easily adjust to changes. This also enables us to maintain excellent communication among team members. We are ready to overcome every obstacle that may arise.

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Technologies we use


This is undoubtedly the most used technology for creating websites on the market. As of 2023, 43% of all the websites in the world are developed using Wordpress. We are taking advantage of all the recommended practices in the world of Wordpress and this way creating successful projects.
We develop themes and plugins on Wordpress; integrate Google Analytics and Google Adwords; credit card payments (Master Cards, Visa), as well as payments via ePay, PayPal, Revolut; connect Econt and Speedy plugins; create marketing campaigns with MailChimp.
This technology is suitable for small websites and online stores.

Python and JavaScript

For more professional and complex websites we use the latest technologies which bring the flexibility to develop absolutely everything we want! We create unique deisgns on Sketch, build the front-end on VueJS, React or Angular, connect it to the backend, most often written on Python, and upload it on the web using Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean or using the hosting provider's platform.



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